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 Hello, we welcome you to Facebook BREEDERS, we are glad that you are interested in joining our group. Thousands of Internet users worldwide enter daily in it, looking for puppies, services and products related to the cinofilia, that is why it is already composed of more than 4,000 members.

 In the year 2018 we have added new tools, and so, when you join the group CRIADORES CANINOS on Facebook, you will also connect with our Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and accounts that, using modern SEO techniques, promote CANINE BREEDERS in different search engines such as Google or Yahoo among others, that's why this is the best way to advertise your puppies, services or related products.

 But, unfortunately, the time invested to have all this machine in good working order is a lot, and for that reason, it becomes impossible to continue doing it for free, therefore, we had to make the determination to implement the payment of a small annual fee, the amount of u$s20.- is ONE SINGLE ANNUAL PAYMENT, that payment will ensure participation for 365 days, and allow your ad to appear on all our social networks in one, there is no contract, or more rules to follow , that the good education and the respect to the other members of the group.

 We have moderators who daily review the information and announcements entered by the members, so that the topics are related to the cinofilia, and for that reason we request that, as far as possible, you respect the theme of the group, and we hope you can perform Many and very good businesses from now on.
When you enter your first payment, (we reiterate that it IS A SINGLE PAY PER YEAR), your access to the group will be released and you can immediately start publishing your ads, welcome to CANINE BREEDERS. !!